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Re: NC Now On Mandentory Masks

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I don’t see cities burning on the news.  


Masks and social distancing do work.  We in Connecticut were hard hit, although not nearly as bad as New York.  We made our sacrifices, and I still never see anybody without a mask.  Social distancing was and still is followed.  It has helped us a great deal, and we are slowly moving forward.  We lost over 4200 souls here in our tiny state. But businesses are opening, and our children are scheduled to all go back to school in the fall.

That is sure progress.


This is a pandemic.  Not the flu.  It is a very strong virus and highly contagious.  Nothing will get back to normal until everyone realizes we all have to adhere to some proven public health practices to achieve some normalcy until a vaccine that is safe and effective is developed.  


We are still learning about this virus.  One thing is for certain.  You are much safer outside than inside in groups of people. And large groups of people inside pose high risks.  Our houses of worship here are opening up very slowly and with high caution.  And we know that masks do double-duty.  A mask protects both the wearer and people around that person.