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@3JJJ I completely understand.  I've been a bit down the past day or so too.  Hugs to you and congrats on getting back out there.  Heart

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@3JJJ wrote:

I don't usually post,but I am feeling really isolated and blue.  I went to the "tiny" mall on Saturday (only 2 stores to speak of).  I have been going out for groceries and necessities, but this was the first I was out trying to get back to normal.  It was surreal.  Other shoppers seemed stand-offish (I know, I know - social distancing),but everyone was in their own little world.  The Penney's really did look as if it is going out of business - I thought this one was staying for a while.  I left sadder and more depressed.  I don't know how to explain.  I always smile and speak with people, especially older people.  I felt like the only person in the world, surrounded by people.  How will it all end. 

I really could understand what feelings you described.
i feel the same but didn't know how to express it.People are avoiding interaction with others to stay safe but it sure is strange to experience it.I like to chat with everyone but now I don't even look up ..just get my stuff done so I can get out of the store or business.This is not really me but it is who I am right now and I don't like how it makes me feel.

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Our restaurants opened here in southern NY this past weekend. Our small main street which has many restaurants and bars were all set out for outdoor dining on the sidewalk and around back of the buildings set with tables. There was live music all around and people. Many people. It was like a town gone wild.