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Re: My Grocery Store Trip Was Surprising




Before you write them off, I tried one and it was fine.  I like the Jimmy Dean version better (it comes with the egg) but it was fine.  I would buy one again.   It tasted like the egg, sausage and cheese thing it was.  I'd say try a couple and decide for yourself.

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Re: My Grocery Store Trip Was Surprising

Today was the first trip I have made to Walmart in a month, but I was not there for groceries.  I needed root killer for the pipe that carries the water away when the toilet flushes, and some jerky for my dog.  


I was there about 10 am this morning, and there was hardly anyone in there.  The Aldi across the street had a packed parking lot, though.


A local meat locker is offering great prices on packages and bundles.  Planning on going out there, maybe tomorrow. 

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Re: My Grocery Store Trip Was Surprising

@icezeus -

I can't remember if I used a wipe to touch the self serve screen. I think I did.

I guess I feel like I have more control with the self serve then a checker with gloves who as had contact with those same gloves with everyone's credit card, cash or whatever and all the groceries everyone else touches.

It is scary any which way I guess.

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Re: My Grocery Store Trip Was Surprising

Last time I was in a grocery store was Good Friday. Ran to the local United suppermarket for odds and ends. Store was well stocked. Plenty of beef, chicken, turkey, and pork. I buy lunch meat from the deli, but I noticed packages of lunch meat were not plentiful. Dairy aisle was full of product. Frozen vegetables were hit and miss. I needed broccoli florets and none available. Plenty of frozen TV dinners and pizzas. Pasta aisle was almost empty. Only allowed one per customer. No paper goods or cleaning supplies. I have had good luck getting toilet paper from Dollar General. Like @ jeanlake said Sprouts was full stocked. I was really impressed with the employees. All had on masks and gloves. The lady at the front wrote my number down. Arrows on the floor going one direction. When I left the store, an employee took my basket and cleaned it and yelled to lady at the front one out. One entrance in the store and you exit out another door. Impressive!! 

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Re: My Grocery Store Trip Was Surprising

What enrages me is that if not for those sick  and stupid hoarders, we would have no supply problem. Hoarders are fools and making it bad for the rest of us. I hope they choke on their "supplies."


I've had a few problems. TP was on my regular grocery store list when that hoarding started and I was nervous but a friend found some at Walgreens for me. I have always bought Ice Mt bottled water because the water here in my town is beyond awful and I cannot afford a filtration system. I rent. So when people started hoarding bottle water, (why people, why? Do they think the end of all water supply is coming??) I was extremely annoyed, but did manage to find enough so far. 


I have noticed empty flour, sugar etc shelves (again, what in the world are people thinking?) but I don't bake that much and had a supply from before. Not that I even touched it so far. 


I noticed a lot of milk sold out but the milk I buy, Organic whole milk was there. 


So I've really been ok in spite of the hoarders.