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Re: My 2020 going out with a bang!

@dulwich wrote:

Well after what we have experienced here fires, evacuation, power outages for days, talk now of rain coming at last but beware of mud slides from debris from fires- we are now complete....... Big Bang at 1 a.m. then lights, then chain saws going ...... tree in driveway fallen over into middle of road.


Thank goodness for emergency crews who left around 3 a.m. we now have piles of sawn up tree on sides of road /drive to deal with and guess what it is our first day of rain.


2020 continues - as it is raining now - not hard thank goodness - worried about other trees - life is never dull!  


Sounds like a good time to get a fireplace.

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Re: My 2020 going out with a bang!

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P.s. to my original post!  Just found that tree hit top of my SIL's new R.V. Big hole in top and it is raining!


What did we do on discovering this 5 mins ago?  All sat down and now crying with laughter!   Over and out!

@dulwich , You my friend are a trooper. Here's to a better and safer 2021 !

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