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Jimi Hendrix

Dolly Parton

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Fun thread! Thanks @Jordan2!




My personal choices would be The Beatles, Chicago, The Eagles, and Fleetwood Mac.  Smiley Happy



But I SHOULD choose B.B. King, Elvis, Sinatra, and The Beatles! 




I love all kinds of music, except MOST of today's choices, so this wasn't easy!  Smiley Wink

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Chuck Berry, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Bob Dylan. 

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Elvis, the Beatles,  Michael Jackson, Willie Nelson!


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The Beatles


Neil Diamond

Michael Jackson

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It is almost impossible to answer this question because I love so many singers, groups from the decades , fifties to nineties.  I am a blues and jazz lover so I will just name four greats among so many others. 


Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday, and Sarah Vaughn.  I do have to add Sinatra, love his style and the way he sings those lost love songs.

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Re: Mount Rushmore

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I responded from the point of view of who were monumental (pun intended) in influencing the direction of the music of my time and in the arena of the sort of music I like, not who were my favorites.  


For instance, I prefer the Rolling Stones to the Beatles.   I have my reasons.

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I kind of feel that if we are talking all music Mozart or Beethoven should be in there somewhere. And if Prince isn't a shoo in, I'm not going. Smiley Very Happy

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I don't know enough about music and musicians to make these selections.  However, if you want to know the Mount Rushmore of QVC hosts, past and present, let me know.  Smiley Happy

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The 4 musical acts that should comprise a musical Mt. Rushmore are (in chronological order..)


Frank Sinatra

Elvis Presley

The Beatles

Michael Jackson


There have been artists whose careers were longer and whose output may have been more prolific, but in each of their generations these artists transcended music and became a part of culture.  People are still swooning to Sinatra and making movies about Elvis and The Beatles still sell millions of albums a year--50 years after they stopped recording.  Michael Jackson's demons might blunt his cultural appeal, but his musical genius is unquestioned and his generation's fans are legion and loyal.


Of course everyone has their own personal favorite artists. but these four titans simply are in another category altogether.  ( And I am not playing favorites here!  I have never really cared for Elvis but you cannot deny his preeminence!)