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Re: More Royal Wedding Intrigue

@cherry wrote:

No one ever said they turned a blind eye to anything. You are the one that is having kittens, because Fegie wasn't invited to the party, Charles is giving


The last time I looked, the host decides the guest list. Fergie didn't make the cut. You seem to have a lot of bad feelings about the Brits, their positions as our  allies ,and the Royal family.   I like them all. I am not obliged to like Fergie, and I never have


From where I set, the only one upset about any of this is you..





What ???   


Not having kittens about anything and never even commented on who was or wasn't invited to Charles' party.   I really don't know why you ever thought I cared about his party or the invitees.  


Frankly, what I find disgusting about them is the blatent hypocrisy.   Sorry if that's so confusing, but where I come from, character & integrity actually mean something.   It isn't on a sliding scale where some are entitled to do as they please ....   and others are crucified for the exact same behavior.    


Looking back, I DO find it sad that Diana and Fergie weren't properly mentored when they joined the family.  For goodness sakes, they were mothers of the queen's grandchildren ...  and her daughters in law!   Yet she had little insight or compassion for the rough patches they obviously encountered.   Shows how little "family" really meant to her, and please don't give me that "duty" kwap.   No woman should ignore her family's needs because of her job or position.  It's just not right.


Having said that ......  have a nice day.

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Re: More Royal Wedding Intrigue

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Fergie ,was a wild one for sure, but it does say alot that  her and andrew are still close.And why get your panties all tied up in a knot,over their lives?

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.