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Moderator Brittany, A Question For You

Okay, so many of the current events and world happenings cannot be discussed or brought up on Viewpoints.

Can a new forum be started call "The Q Saloon"?  Posters could slug it out, slam, brawl and bust up the place so to speak so that the threads don't get Moved, posts deleted, or locked for comment. 

Please let whomever consider this. 

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Re: Moderator Brittany, A Question For You

While I understand your desire for a no holds barred forum, I don't think that is a good choice for this particular venue.  This is intended to be a pleasant, non-confrontational place for people to come to chat. An unmoderated "duke it out" forum is not what I would consider to be pleasant.


There are other boards where you can go to let it all hang out.  

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Re: Moderator Brittany, A Question For You

I agree, keep it out of here.  That adversarial tone will soon seep onto the other boards.  So many times I've read where posters comment on another posters OTHER posts.  It would soon turn into a big mess and we will lose the entire board. 

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Re: Moderator Brittany, A Question For You

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Hi @Puzzle Piece 


I'll pass this request along, but I don't think we'd ever be able to have a subforum like that since it probably wouldn't comply with the Standards of Participation. Sounds like a raucous place! Ha ha! Smiley Happy


Hope you are having a great Wednesday!@Puzzle PieceSmiley Happy




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