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My initial thought was mark of the beast.  I don't want it. 

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Oh H*ll NO and my kids in early 30s would never do it either.


@spot555 wrote:

I'm so happy to see that most of you are opposed to this. It's obviously NOT being done for our convenience or personal well-being. It's simply another way of controlling the masses, & one step closer to  A I. 


AVOID at all costs, & let your voices be heard. 

 Golden you are so right!

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Employers already have way too much control over peoples' lives.  I would not want a chip.   Too much big brother for me.

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Just no way, this to me is just really scary!!!!!!

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@Jersey Born wrote:

No way!!!


The transponders in those RFID chips are linked to fast growing cancers in animals that originate from and are entwined with the actual RFID chip itself.   We humans are animals, too.  This is a very bad idea, and I am actually surprised that an organization is actually going forward with this using their employees.  If everyone outright refused to have these chips implanted in them, the employers would have no power to push them on their workers.  


This is just the beginning.  One company is testing the waters.  Once people consent to this most intimate intrusion and violation of their person, these chips will be mandated for all of the employees who refused to have them inserted.  What a sad day it is that this is now happening.

@Jersey Born . I agree this sounds like a total nightmare!


It's not only about privacy but health too...I'm suprised more people don't realize this.

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What amuses me, is that a decade or more ago, should anyone say 'this is where we are headed...someday they will be able to track you by implanting some device inside you, and it will be so mainstream as to be done not just by the government, but people will willingly do it for work etc'....people would have said you were some nutcase conspiracy theorist. 


And now here it is. 


It is truly frightening sometimes, the technology available or just on the horizon, and how accepting it's uses are and will become, by people who simply find it 'normal' because they don't remember a time we did things any other way, or thought differently about what is private or sacred.


I mean think about our great grandparents. Would they believe the social media and what people post because of these devices today. In the news yesterday, a girl filming her antics in the car, the crash and her sister dying at the scene. Her  sister is laying at a crash site, dying, and she is filming what she is doing!!!! These kids think this is normal. They think this is what people do. 


So how far are we from 'everyone' doing it. Putting a chip in, where we used to swipe a card, where we used to sign our name, where we used to just be recognized and admitted..........

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@SeaMaiden wrote:

@JaneMarple wrote:

@SeaMaiden wrote:

It is the future.  Might as well get use to the idea.   The younger generation will most likely have no choice in the matter if they want a job whe this chipping becomes the norm. 

When in the future and why should we get used to it? @SeaMaiden I have four kids in their 20's and 30's, they wouldn't go for it! 

@JaneMarple  They may not go for it.....but, if it is either get the job$$$$ or not based on a requirement of chipping....they may change their  mind.  This will become the norm in society....yes, people will complain....but it will not just go away.


interesting article :

We still have a constitution that gives us rights here even if some think its just a antiquated peice of paper. So to just be a doormat and say" oh it will happen get used to it " Noit does not happen unless we allow it. 

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If that was a job requirement, I would not be working for that company.  I'll bring my lunch from home, thank you....and companies can figure out an alternative way for staff to get in the building.  If a business can take on microchip technology...I'm sure they can develop another method to let their employees inside!

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Re: Microchipping Employees

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Yes, I'll brown bag it..... or else dig out my Little Pony lunchbox.