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I am watching this one hour program on Meghan on CBS this evening.  So many people love this couple and I think what makes them so special is they show some affection for each other in public and their faces sparkle looking at each other.  I wish them the best and look forward to the wedding and after the wedding their work with various organizations and poor people.  Congratulations, to a lovely couple.   Cat Very HappyHeart

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I cringe everry time I see another story about them, fingers crossed after the wedding they will be left alone.

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They are a very modern couple and they do seem to be genuinely in love.  Which is nice to see.  It's as close to a real life fairytale as we'll ever see, I think.   I'm looking forward to the weddings.....I'm looking foward to the    The Meghan & Harry Story is just beginning.

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I'm not impressed with either of these people so I'm boycotting as much coverage as possible.

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@Katcat1 I wish I’d checked the listings as I would have liked to have seen it. 

Maybe it will show up on on demand.

Thanks so much for the heads up. 

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I am actually tired of hearing about them already!

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I like Meghan and Harry and wish them well. 


I'm also very tired of all the stories on tv about them.  I'd like to see her wedding dress but have no desire to watch anything else about them.  

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I wish them well, and a long and happy life together. Beyond that, I'm tired of all the fawning over them (and the rest of the royal family as well). I'm exactly as interested in them as they are in me.

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I'm so looking forward to the wedding ! They seem like a lovely couple.

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@kitcat51 wrote:

I cringe everry time I see another story about them, fingers crossed after the wedding they will be left alone.

Nope, she’ll probably get pregnant and we’ll have to listen about the first baby bump and be on a baby watch for 9 months.