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Once again, I would like to thank all for their help.

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Excellent thread and thank you @Spurt for the phone numbers.


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Sort of off topic, if your doctor does not take Medicare, wil your supplemental pay for the visit. I am having this discussion with some one on FB.

thanks all 


I too am in the learning process 

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I wouldn't and anyone on this thread who offers an opinion or any advice is a fool.  Your questions and needs are complex and individual and so are the answers.  You need help from a person who has no axe to grind and no financial stake in an answer and who has a ton of information on Medicare.


Every state has SHIP Counselors who are trained to help you make the best choice.  They do not charge a fee and they have no axe to grind and no financial stake in your choice.  They'll meet with you and ask a lot of questionsdesigned to point to your medical needs and the best options to fill those needs.


Do a search on SHIP Counselors.  You'll be able to find one that's near you.  That's the best help I can offer.