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Re: Meal From Your Childhood

Ditto and both  my grandmother and mother never read a recipe.  No idea how all that got in their heads but they managed.  My grandmother used to get up early early morning and have everything made before the sun came up.  


That was my memories from visiting in rural Vermont every summer. They had a farm.  and then a lake house. 


Unfortunately I never really caught on and I am anything but a good cook.  


There was one recipe... I cannot find it anywhere.... My mom called it Chicken and Rice.  It was a baked casserole.   If anyone has a clue please respond.  

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Re: Meal From Your Childhood

@Kachina624 wrote:

For my birthday in June, we always ate outside and had cold fried chicken, potato salad, mom made the best, black olives and, of course, birthday cake.  Still my favorite meal.


Yes! And baked beans (really baked, not runny). And bread and butter sandwiches. And sliced tomatoes--well, tomatoes had a lot of flavor then. And fresh raspberries. 

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Re: Meal From Your Childhood

My grandparents lived on a farm in Shiner, Tx.   Yes, where Shiner beer comes from.  My grandmother who was Boheiman would always make home made kolaches if she knew we were going to be visiting.  My favorite were filled with poppy seed and the bread was very flakey and buttery.  She could not speak English, I watched her make them and roll the crust out on an old flowered table.  Sad to say I never could make them as there was no recipe.  Girls of her generation were taught to make kolaches from a very early age and taken in large batches to weddings and church celebrations.  Kolaches are very popular in Texas from our Polish population, but to this day I have never tasted any as good as my grandmothers.    

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Re: Meal From Your Childhood

@NicksmomESQ  These foods sound so good. With Hanukkah starting tonight I hope you have some of your favorites but nothing like Grandma's I am sure. 

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Re: Meal From Your Childhood

My mother never thought she was that good of a cook, but she fixed things that I loved.  Her fried chicken was out of this world.


She also had the benefit of being a military wife that obtained recipes from other wives that were from other countries.  One of those was tacos.  She learned to make those, bought the "taco mold" (what she called it) and fried her own taco shells.  The taco filling is unlike anything you get in restaurants.   She was well known for her tacos and people would literally beg her to make them.  lol   A simple, southern, farm girl becomes known for this taco recipe.  To this day I can't make them like she did. 


She also obtained a family recipe for Spanish chicken and rice from a lady that was from Spain.  Love that dish too! 

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Re: Meal From Your Childhood

Love all of your stories.  My mouth is watering.  My mom's cooking was basic, but good. Sunday dinners always had a roast as the main course. Coming home from church, we were greeted by the aroma of a roast beef, or pork or chicken. My favorite was roast beef, with twice baked potatoes, topped with cheese, and a spinach souffle using my grand mother's recipe.  Her signature dessert was an orange custard mixed with chunks of angel food cake.  I learned to make it, and it is always a hit.  She also taught me how to make a tuna fish casserole, which I still enjoy. Her bread pudding, made with cinnamon donuts, and lemon/bourbon sauce was so good. Dad did not really cook.   But he made the best fried potatoes with onions, in a cast iron pan. Crisp on the outside, and tender in the middle. I have not been able to repicate it.  

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Re: Meal From Your Childhood

@Mz iMac wrote:

Up til my mother turned 90, she would make my favorite meal for my birthday.......

Smothered chidken breasts or smothered pork chops

Collard greens

Smothered rice

Candied yams

Deviled eggs (which she is known for)


My mother is currently 96

You are so very fortunate to still have your mom.  Might I ask ?  What is smothered rice ?TIA  

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Re: Meal From Your Childhood

No contest - chicken noodle dumplings that my grandma Mimi used to make.  My mom tried to replicated them without success.  I never bothered trying!