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Mary just stated on her Instagram she had thyroid cancer and had surgery last week. Probably will not be back on air until late January or early February.


Love that girl and wish her the best

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OMG I wish her a speedy recovery!!

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Take care of yourself, Mary.  We'll see you back on the air soon.

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Hello friends, looks like I’ll be away for just a little bit longer. Right before Christmas, we found out that I had thyroid cancer. It’s been a week since my surgery and I’m very much on the mend. Traditionally I don’t share much about personal, medical stuff, but it’s definitely time for some #BEBRAVE. I’m sharing because I didn’t want you to worry! I’m going to be a-ok (doctor’s orders & she’s amazing), and I’ll be back on-air with you in late-January. For now, time to rest my voice, heal, and take way too many cat pictures. Thank you for your kindness, as always!

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I hate to hear this. I will be praying for her, I hope she does well with whatever treatments they give her.

I will say, she seems to have a great attitude in general and that will help. God Bless her.

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I had to read this thread twice!😮 I am so very saddened to read about this, as Mary is one of my favorite hosts.😢 My thoughts and healing prayers go out to her, and her family during this difficult time. I know I am among many who wish her well, and look forward to her return.



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Wish her a fast recovery.  When I saw her name I thought about what a funny, quick sense of humor she has.


I enjoy watching her.  I had my thyroid removed around 3 years ago.  It runs in my family.  My daughter had 1/2 of her's removed.


I mention this because hopefully it will bring hope of a fast recovery and many, many happy years ahead for Mary.  As long as she takes the medicine every day, she's be back to her amazing self.


Get well soon Mary....Heart

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Wishing her the best.

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Wish her all the best for her recovery.


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Get well, Mary!  All the best to you.