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I have been away, is there any current news on Mary Beth?  It has been a long time.

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I don't know her condition, but it can take months for a concussion to heal.

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They recently said at least another six weeks.

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I also heard another six weeks.  The residual side effects of a concussion and a blow on the head can be severe and sometimes it all doesn't go away.  I had a serious fall in 2010 and I still have (slight) balance issues, but the brain bleeds (I had three) healed spontaneously.  I'm praying her recovery is total and goes smoothly.... we miss ya MBR!  



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Go to her Facebook page.  She has posted a lot lately on her condition.  You don't need a FB page to read her posts.

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I tried to access her facebook page but it would not let me see it.

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yeah, I won't join and they won't let you access nothing in there unless you give them your email, etc.


I just take a pass.

I bet she retires, if I had to guess.

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That must have been a serious accident.  She posted on Monday that she is in physical therapy for her neck, back, knee, ankle.  She's also taking concussion therapy and she's having trouble with one of her eyes.  There is no time frame posted when she'll return to work.

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Mary Beth Roe QVC


"Hi friends who I love and miss.
Wanted to keep in touch with you.... I'm still doing physical therapy for my neck, back, left knee and right ankle at one of the area's best rehab places in the state, if not the country. Also continuing concussion therapy and making improvements, a little each week. Still having some trouble with my right eye that was hit in the accident, but again, I have one of our area's top opthomologists taking care of me.


But all of this is nothing compared to what our men and women in uniform go through both during and after they serve our country. With that, I'm even more in awe of their sacrifice and dedication to fighting for our freedom. We are SO grateful!!
God bless America and you! MB!"

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How nice, @mom2four0418


Thank you for sharing that!