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Can Marie Osmond look more beautiful?!! Wow! She actually looks better today than she did in her pics from 20 years ago. Beautiful lady, genuine heart. -HIF
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I think so, too! And she has managed to maintain her weight loss. Good for her!

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hey girlie.................where you been hiding out..............nice to see you posting...........................................raven

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Know she's had work done but she looks fabulous. Her husband is a real cutie too. They seem very happy.

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She looks amazing. I like her.

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I like her too!
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I love her cheerful, positive personality. Also, her husband seems very nice, too.

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I, too, think she looks fabulous. She's been through a lot in her life. Any work she has had done just makes her look more beautiful.
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Is her dh the guy that was with her today?

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Yes, that was her husband on with her this afternoon. They were married a long time ago and divorced. Think he was a basketball player at BYU. Had a son together and remarried a few years back. Seem like a great match for each other.