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Bethleham Lights wreath worked for a few nights, then blinked out. thought maybe the batts, although I used brand new ones. double checked batts and put even new ones in. NADA. 


beyond maaaaaad as the wreath was a major part of my outside decor. the swag (so far) is working but I have no faith that will hold. 


packed up the wreath, on Dec 7 ?!?!?!?! to return and will NEVER order BL again. yes, marked it defective. 


if the swag makes it thru the season, I will reluctantly keep it. if not, back it goes. NO excuse for this: these were touted TSV's and should be flawlless. 


grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :-(((((


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@knittykitty   I would be upset because it is brand new.  Was is on sale?  If so, that's why -- doesn't  work for long.  Make sure you send the other back within the time limit which I believe is Jan. 31.  Check out Target if you have one close.  They have some great Christmas decos.

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yes, I know this is hardly a big deal overall and certainly not important for those  who celebrate Xmas for religious reasons.  I mean no disrespect. I am just posting because I am sooooo  unhappy with BL. 

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xoxoxoxoxox thank you!

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@knittykitty It might be the connectors. Happens to me on lots of items.  My husband will just bend it a bit or pull the spring a little.  

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Unfortunate, but I understand.  Have been there.  




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Yes I've purchased their items in the past, they do not hold up. I've also purchased the Luminara candles, less than a year old, one doesn't work at all and the others go thru batteries every two weeks.

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I have not unwrapped mine yet to put up, but will give feedback when I do. I'm sorry that happened to you, @knittykitty, such a disappointment when you go to put up the decorations just to find out it's malfunctioning. Hopefully you can find something to replace it at one of your local stores, HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.


I've had BL items that worked for a decade from years ago...I don't know if mfrg, and/or quality is different now, as this TSV wreath will be my first new item from them in 10 years...because they worked and lasted that long. (some went longer) I had two wreaths, used outdoors, in snow, all winter, as well as hanging window boxes with lit arrangements, lasted for years. I still use the baskets, after the lit greenery stopped working properly. Took out the inserts & plant real flowers in them in summer. Sometimes when you clean the connection or jiggle the wiring it will right itself. (But we shouldn't have to when it's brand new!)


Years ago I bought a Luminara TSV lantern from QVC that never worked right, the candle kept blinking not flickering. I love it and still have it because I'm always saying I'll replace the candle, which is doable, just haven't done it as yet. Contacted Luminara Customer Service & instead of replacing it (of course it was after QVC's 30 days) they thought it might be the battery case cover, that I need the "other type contacts" and they sent me didn't even fit the lantern properly. I just gave up after that.


Just fyi on the topic of battery candles and Luminara...

I've started to buy (not that I need any, but got some tealights this year) my battery operated candles at HomeGoods, Marshalls...they have Luminara and other brands if you don't like Luminara, for half the price. My neighbor has had beautiful flickering pillars for a few years now, she's got excellent taste and gets everything at HomeGoods and TJ's. About $17.00 each (about 5-7" pillars of all types) vs. QVC's $70.00 for two!! (never would I pay that.)

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I've had my wreath now for 3 years and it's still works as does the hanging baskets. I didn't have much luck, though, with a tree I purchased a few years ago. Sorry you've had this issue. Hope you can find another elsewhere.

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I'm done with purchasing pre lit items pretty much at this point.    I too had a BL wreath from many years ago that did work for the entire time I kept it.   Recently I said in another post that I had donated it, only because it seemed to be changing color and just didn't fit into my decor anymore.  I love Luminara but have also had bad experiences with some of the candles, always stop working at 31 days......LOL, it's almost a scam.   Such high prices for items that are just junk, you're better off buying the cheaper brands as you may get more life out of them and at least you're not out so much $$.