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Woke up to a beautiful blue sky this morning. #FeelingHopeful


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@ThinkingOutLoud, so many things to be thankful for. Your picture is one of them, so beautiful. 

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Thanks you for sharing Smiley Happy

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My favorite weather of the year.

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Beautiful! I hope someday soon we'll get our blue skies back. It's been very smokey here and the sky is taupey colored. Things are suppose to be getting better this coming week.

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Still in mid 80s here in NM.  I wish is would cool down about 10°.  Also very hazy from California fires.

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We FINALLY have rain here is western WA state!!!!!! I'm not near the fires but the smoke was a nightmare. All this state and Oregon too, is enjoying the freshness. Air quality was at 163 yesterday and this a.m. it is 20 !!! going to rain all day, all night and part of tomorrow----wish CA was as lucky. So it is a beautiful day here!!

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I live in the middle of Oklahoma. This is usually a great time of year but we are experiencing very hazy skies due to the fires in California. It has reached all the way to the East coast I've heard.  How devastating!