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Too much Logo shows on QVC.  Today is different but I've noticed

a lot more shows.  Way too much.  A lot of people must buy this

frilly stuff.

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I couldn't believe that there were 96 Logo items for today's Lunchtime Specials and 61 for the Primetime Specials.


That sure makes it look like they're trying really hard to liquidate Logo inventory.

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Maybe their selling strategy is to profit most on those willing to pay full price then take a smaller profit on the ones on clearance. QVC never really has a sale except for things that have been in inventory forever that no one wants.

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Saves me money, since I don't buy that brand.  Not my style.

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Am I the only one who thinks the Logo clothes aren't very flattering on ANY body? I just don't understand the whole concept.

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I don't know what is special about LOGO? She has been doing the same thing for 3 years! I am so sick of the style. If they don't start doing something different I am over qvc!

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have never been a fan of Logo but I guess plenty of viewers are....I don't know and have never seen anyone wearing this style anywhere....
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it is way past time for some new clothing lines.....SG and D&Co need to freshen up their styles as well
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I personally don't think anyone looks good with ruffles around their hips except maybe infant girls.

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Are you supposed to tuck in Lori's clothes? Looks really dumb that way.