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Re: Local Nordstrom is closing.

I noticed how empty looking the Nordstrom in the Fashion Show mall on the Las Vegas strip looked when I was there last week. That store is gorgeous and just had a makeover and parking in that mall is free. I would have spent money there if they would have had Sigma makeup brushes in store like I saw in February and not just on their website. But they didn't have them so I went to Dillard's instead but only bought a single Sigma makeup brush as there were no eyeshadow brush sets in the store.


I seldom visit the Vancouver, Canada Nordstrom as parking and transit is expensive - there are no suburban Nordstrom stores here.


The only time I'm downtown is when I am there for a show or concert and so I have family with me and can't shop very long there. In the almost 4 years that Nordstrom has been open, I have never bought clothes or makeup there.


Nordstrom Canada does not take advantage of a big Canadian holiday in August either when they hold their yearly anniversary sale as the Monday after the sale ends is a provincial holiday across Canada so a lot of people have the day off so they could shop at Nordstrom if they have the time. For a store that is based in Seattle, they are clueless about their northern neighbors.

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Re: Local Nordstrom is closing.

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I got s similar letter. They make no money on customers who pay in full at the end of the month like I do. Customers who spend thousands and carry a balance are their bread and butter....we have several Nordstroms in our area...the largest one is only four miles from our house...but I make many more purchases online than in the store....just too much hassle, traffic, and heat right now. 

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Re: Local Nordstrom is closing.

The Nordstrom in our newer mall in Metro Detroit area announced they will close in Sept. 2019.  Last time i went in there with my niece, i noticed that the 2nd floor which carries women's clothing looked really sparse.  I thought something was up.