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From ESPN:


WACO, Texas -- A little league batter rose after being hit in the head to console the upset pitcher who threw the pitch during a Little League regional tournament game Tuesday in Waco, Texas.


The dramatic scene unfolded during a Little League Southwest Regional Playoff final.


Right-hander Kaiden Shelton of Pearland, Texas, was facing batter Isaiah Jarvis of Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Tuesday when an 0-2 pitch got away from him and slammed into Jarvis' helmet. Jarvis fell to the ground clutching his head as his concerned coaches ran to his aid.


After a few moments, Jarvis' head cleared enough for him to walk unaided to first base. Meantime, Shelton stood on the mound staring at the ground in tears over what happened.


After a moment, Jarvis walked to the mound and put his arms around Shelton, telling him, "Hey, you're doing great. Let's go." Shelton's teammates and coach gathered around the pair to join in consoling the young righty.


The gesture drew a standing ovation. Pearland went on to beat Tulsa 9-4 and advance to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, starting next week.


This Little League World Series hug after a batter was hit in the head is  perfect sportsmanship -

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Re: Lesson About Caring

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Good kids, parents should be proud. 

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I saw this on Twitter yesterday and it made me emotional.  Very sweet moment.  Isaiah's parents should be very proud.  

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I saw the video early this morning and it was truly lovely.  I felt so bad for both of them.    But I feel good for them that they are both lovely young men who I hope end up having wonderful lives!  💖

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Thank you for posting this very positive story.


I just saw an interview on the news, both boys with their parents. Both seemed very sweet and supportive and they are going to try and stay in touch.


The last thing Isaiah and his father did was to cheer Kaiden and his team on to victory!


Such sportsmanship. There is so much we can learn from children. 


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Just saw this video on TV and it almost made me cry. A beautiful moment of support and caring.


Feeling melancholy, today, I needed to see this. It validates that many parents are doing a great job, as hard as it is, now.


Anytime I see youth demonstrating such behaviors, it gives me hope for our future --- and their's. 

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Re: Lesson About Caring

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Beautiful.  One of the late night hosts has a segment called:"The Kind of Story We Need Right Now."  I would definitely  nominate this.

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@Cakers3 Saw this on our local news last night.