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@Georgiagrama wrote:

I love Land's End and buy a lot from them.  In fact, most of my Christmas purchases have been made with them.  My grown children like the clothing from Land's End and L L Bean and usually request something from them. 


I have found that with D & C quality and sizing all over the place now, I rely more and more on Land's End for my T's and knit pants. And, I love the sweaters from there.  


I only buy when there is a sale though. 

@Georgiagrama   Agree.  I just purchased some Christmas clothes for the grandchildren and I also buy a lot from LE.  There is always some promo going on and in all these years I can count on one hand the number of times I had to return an item.


We used to travel up to LL Bean and shop and spend the week-end in Maine.  Alas, no longer.  *sigh*



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Strange because I did press the point a bit.   Maybe I got a rookie.  Anyway with all of the variety in sizing these days, I've just elected to shop where I can try on.  Easier.

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@Bridgegal wrote:

I ordered several things from them last winter.  I went by the size chart and they were all huge.   I paid shipping , BTW.


I called to see if I returned them and xchanged for a smaller size how would the shipping costs work.   Well, I would have to pay shipping to return them and then shipping again to get the new size items to me.  I then asked , what if they still don't fit.   I'd have to pay return shipping again.

Are they crazy???  No way I'm paying all of that shipping to keep trying to find the right size in  their stuff.  Or anyone's stuff for that matter.   I told her no thanks, I'd shop elsewhere.  

If you still have a Sears store near you, they accept Lands End returns at no charge. The Sears near us has a large Lands End Department, so sometimes I can find the item I’m returning in a different size and make my exchange with no hassle or fee.

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@NicksmomESQ wrote:

 On top of sales & good quality they also have a "guaranteed period" policy. A couple of years ago I bought several pairs of chinos for DH. They all seemed to wear out in the same spot. I couldn't find the style on line so I called c.s. for assistantance.

  The representative helped me locate the style & then informed me that they were going to replace the chinos at no charge.I told her they were several years old & I didn't expect that of them . Her response was they appear to be defective.
  Lands End replaced the pants & provided me with a pre paid label to return the defective items.


I’ve taken advantage of this guarantee for a couple of Lands End bathing suits, both of which I’d had and used for several years (over different periods of time). I usually buy the bathing suits when they go on sale, so the replacement suits were at full price when mine wore out. In each case, Lands End didn’t charge me any more for the replacement suit and they mailed it out as soon as I returned the defective one to our local Sears. I always save the packing slips that come with my Lands End orders so it’s easy to give them the original merchandise’s order number if there’s a problem. It isn’t necessary, but it makes it easier for the customer service rep to find it in their system. I prefer to use live chat so I have a record of the transaction. 

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They do have good deals but, I have never had good luck with them.  Boots and shoes are too small, cotton shirts shrink at least 1 size.  Very expensive too.