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I got them and about half were broken, so I didn't want to give them as gifts. I have eaten a couple of them, but the pretzels were really stale. I was very disappointed and won't order them again. QVC did give me a refund because they were broken and one was completely out of its wrapper and caramel was leaking out. I asked for only a partial refund because they were still edible, but not by the people I itended to give them to, but she insisted on a total refund. Maybe they don't have a category for partial refunds?


Other than the stale pretzels, the coatings were good.

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I ordered the filled pretzels for a gift too--and they were cracked and in crumbs too. can't give something like that away--called CS and got a refund. Ate a couple tha were ok but not going to order again.

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I ordered the pretzels that Landies collaborated with Alberti on.  Some were good but most were just okay.  They were so rich I couldn't eat an entire one in a sitting.  I won't order again.

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