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@godi   They are supposed to be good luck.


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@godi wrote:

@Desertdi  I never heard of buying ladybugs. So sorry they flew away! 


I bought them at a garden store.  They are useful as a natural remedy for certain garden pests like aphids and mites.

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When I was a young child we lived on a block that had trees shaped like umbrellas at the curb.  We called them Umbrella Trees for lack of knowing its proper name.


For whatever reason, these trees always had ladybugs on the leaves, lots of ladybugs.  So of course as young children we would stand in front of the trees and sing;

"Ladybug, ladybug fly away, your children are hungry and they want to play.


So thank you for the memories you brouhgt back by posting the picture of the ladybug on the leaf.



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@godi - Thank you for posting such a beautiful picture!




They have been my "symbol" since I was a little girl. We have always protected them. And of course I have a few lady bug items!   Smiley Happy

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Every year we go to the Smokies. The park service releases millions of ladybugs each year because they are so beneficial.  They were a mess at our cabin. We had hundreds in the outside light fixtures, on the porch, everywhere. We had to take all the light fixtures and turn the shades upside to keep the ladybugs away. It was crunch, crunch, crunch everywhere we walked! 

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My father would sometime call my mother 'lady bug' in an affectionate matter. So I like lady bugs too!