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We've been watching the TV show Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey as the host.  They find kids of all ages and talents around the world (many from Utube videos that went viral) and have them perform their "specialty" on the show.  It is amazing what these kids can do at such a young age.  It is a pleasure to watch and very entertaining.  Such a nice change from all the violence on TV.  Anyone else watching?




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I have stumbled upon this show at times and i always enjoy it, too. I'd watch it more often if i could ever keep track of what's on when! (i don't dvr - i just take pot luck!)



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I love this show! Good family show:-)
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@LoveToChat  Love this show. I have it set to automatically record and then I watch the next day. There aren't that many shows that I can say that I enjoy, but this is refreshing and sweet. Steve Harvey makes the show, IMO.

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