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Love Llightseeing , I take a particular route home from work at night so I can gaze.  There is one house that has a star suspended in mid air over a manger scene , it warms my heart. 

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@TaylorBrown wrote:

I've never heard of "lightseeing" but I do enjoy to look at  Christmas lights.  As a matter of fact we will be going out tomorrow night.  I enjoy seeing both the simple and elaborate decorations.  Talented folks that take the time to do all that light hanging.

@TaylorBrown - I'd never heard the term either! Ryan B. wrote an article about it for the paper and said he made it up. I used to say, "We're driving around to look at lights," and I usually don't like made up words - especially as an English teacher LOL - but I think this one is cute, so I'm going to be using it around family, friends, and everyone I know! Smiley Wink

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I have done this for years,just would say let's go look at all the Christmas lights.Do it with great grands now.Had one street called Christmas card lane and when the kids and grand kids visit that is something they always want to do.