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The sensor on my LG dryer stopped working about three years ago. I now use the speed dry setting and manually select the time and temperature.   
I thought I had a lemon, but this seems to be a common defect. 

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DD bought an LG washer and dryer. No prob with the dryer but the washer has been a problem since day one. We have a whirlpool of the first front load duos. The sensor dry is just now acting up, but I do timed dry or set it for “super dry” so it doesn’t cut off while damp. I have had my set for 16 years so am very happy with both washer and dryer...will get a new one just like it when we move to our next house.
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I have a GE dryer with sensor, it's probably 9-10 years old. The sensor dry works great EXCEPT for things like my recliner covers (the ones that QVC sells), and king-size bedding. I use the timed dry for those items.

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@Alison Wonderland wrote:

I have an LG dryer that's several years old. The sensor dry feature worked well for the first 4 years or so, but hasn't been as effective and tells me the load is dry when it's still quite wet. I just use the time dry feature if I want to be sure a load dries without my checking on it.

I find this to be true if I dry a comforter or other large item that ends up stuffed into the dryer.  I dry it and if the middle is still wet I drape it over the back of my loveseat to dry.

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Same thing happens to me too.  Have to keep restarting it to get clothes dry.  

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@goldensrbest,  I have had my LG washer and dryer for a couple of years now so I don't know if it applies to yours or not since yours is newer and probably a different model.  The dryer is totally flat with electronic controls on the top at the front of the dryer.  There are no dials at all.


I have the option to add or subtract time away from the default setting for drying time.  So when I have a fairly good size load, I just press that button for the required 3 seconds and then add the minutes I want to add to the drying time for the programmed setting.  


I also found that if I am drying sheets and towels that instead of using the towel cycle if I use the heavy duty setting all items come out really nice & dry.  I did have to experiment at first when doing a large load of towels and bedding and found that using the heavy duty setting worked best.


I don't have any problem with the sensor not working and it not drying the clothes.  But I do ammend some settings as stated above. 

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