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I was reading Sandra Bennets blog. It was a non earth shattering article about baking. However, I am glad to see that she protected her kids identity by putting a wig/disguise on her. Sandra is one of the FEW hosts that occasionally mentions her kids, but does not shove them down on our throats. I swear, there are delusional people out there who act like they are family or bffs to these hosts. I believe in freedom of speech, but I have seen some people ask if the host is pregnant, when they are having kids,where they eat,vacation,shop. Of course, sometimes the host is dense enough to reveal info too. Shawn is always telling where she is vacationing. Courtney just said she is going to a lake in Tenn, of course someone actually asked which one. Putting pictures of their house fronts. WIth a gps and deduction, not hard to find. Then there is putting your kids pics up ALL the time. I know it's an ego thing, but its STUPID. Does the Lisa Roberts stalker case ring a bell? The nut found where she lived and actually went to her FRONT DOOR!

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That's not a wig or a disguise, it's her hair falling forward. And Sandra has done entire blogs about her other daughter and posted many pictures of her family.


Stalkers don't have magical teleporters to find you. They can't search a whole state or country for you and then show up at your vacation location the next day. Maybe they can in the TV shows and movies you've been watching, but that's not how they find you in real life.  They are FAR more likely to find your home than your vacation spot because your home ownership is a public record that anyone can access via county offices like the tax assessor. I used to do property research for years and it's alarmingly easy to get anyone's address based on a name. That's one reason celebrities sometimes have their homes listed under the names of a corporation. You said yourself, Lisa's stalker showed up on her doorstep, not her vacation hotel.