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Do you think King Charles should wear something on him to show he is the King?  Maybe a tie stick pin or a medallian around his neck for maybe even a crown pin?



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No, I can identify him as the gent standing next to Camilla.

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He could wear his monocle



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Re: Kingly group

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Yes. I think pin of some sort (maybe one with the crown on it) would be a good idea and during state events, a sash. The people would have an easier time seeing him when he is in a group if he had something on to help him stand out. His mother used the technique of bright outfits with a hat, so her people could see her. @newname0 @Any of your ideas are good. Mens' clothing is very similar, dark suits and ties. They blend together so much. 

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Like a gold and jewelled crown??? 

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Who is standing on Charles' other side?  And: Do people need to bow to him, much as they curtsied to the Queen?

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Yes, he is King

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See the source image

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All hail King Charles III!