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In Australia, a ton of fleece that has no end...  This poor sheep could barely walk when it was found.


Shrek the sheep before his trim. Baaaa


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Mercy!  I'm glad he was found & sheared.  Carrying all that excess wool around had to have put a tremendous strain on his organs, not to mention making it hard for him to move around & graze.


As a knitter, I'm seeing quite a lot of nice fiber to be spun thereWoman LOL

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I heard that once he was shorn, he lost half his body weight.  I bet he's running around like crazy now; he must have a ton of energy!  LOL.

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I heard the sheep lost 97 pounds.  I'm surprised it survived that long on its own.

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Poor animal.  So glad it was found and taken care of so it didn't have to suffer much more.

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That poor sheep, I bet he was glad when all that wool came off.

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Talk about having a bad hair day!

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Thanks for sharing @songbird


So glad this poor guy was found?


How in the world did he see?

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Looks like this guy had been part of a flock but had wandered off.  Sheep naturally living in the wild never get like this.


Another sad case of man tinkering with nature to get "more and more."  

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Thanks for glad there was a happy ending! Smiley Happy