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@Grand Happy wrote:
Because she shared her weight loss journey. You yourself can go to her pod cast, it's very uplifting and inspiring.

I do not watch her and I will not be going to her podcast.  It is none of my business how she lost weight.  I hope she is happy and healthy!

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@qualitygal wrote:

I just hope there's no fallout from this for the people using it for now.  

Only time will tell, just like years ago fenfen was taken off the market because ones were reporting heart problems . Just wish if it were the injections that they are using they would be honest and not give false hope,as too many have lost weight too fast.No way can you loose that amount of weight that fast unless starving yourself and maybe vigorous working out.I have  lost weight but never that fast and that amount .That is why Oprah had to come clean as it wasn't  her Weight Watchers that gave her the slim body we saw on the red carpet .

 Know not everyone could afford the $$$$$ that these injections cost so it is hushed up by some users .

The one in question with this post  can well afford it  with her prices.

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She's a pretty lady who, I think, always looks good.  Even when she was overweight, she carried it well.  She looks great and seems to be very happy.  

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@qualitygal wrote:

I just hope there's no fallout from this for the people using it for now.  

Like pancreatitis which can be deadly.

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@January121 wrote:
@SandySparkles.. I agree with you 😁

THANK you!😉



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I don't know how Kim lost the weight. There are pending lawsuits against these weight loss drugs. Another fact that came out was face aging. Many are stating stomach paralysis, constant nausea and vomiting. It doesn't sound like something I would be doing but that is just my opinion. 

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One is instructed to discontinue use with these serious side effects.  Would you keep taking a drug that makes you sick just so you can get in on the lawsuits?  Let's hope not.  I'd give it a try if doc approved, we'll see at my next appt.

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I'd feel like a druggie shooting myself up. Lot of people use the needle in their gut. I watched commercials LOL

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@Franell wrote:

So what if she is using a weight loss drug. Why should there be a stigma attached to this?

Exactly.  There shouldn't be.  Enough with the obesity in this country. 

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I thought I heard she subscribed to the Factor eating plan.