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Re: Just venting..not a happy camper

@Carmie wrote:

My DH is a very kind man and no, he did not take any payment.  He does auto work and household handyman chores for lots of people..never charges.  I still give some people haircuts at no charge.  We were both raised to be giving.  We never charge for being kind.


We are very generous people, but we got stung many years ago, by DH's boss who wanted to live in our home with himself family for two weeks while we're on vacation and I said NO. Their house was getting repairs after a flood.  My DH got fired from his job because of it and turned down for unemployment.  We had a really tough time for months after that. 


He always said we should have let them stay.


I am 100% positive he will not be allowing anyone to say at our place while we are not there again.  Yes, I am ticked off at him.  He heard me sound off the whole week we had to stay home while " those people" were there.


i think he is going to  get an earful tonight too.  Too bad he has to work with the fellow.  He is going to be in the middle no matter where he turns.


Your husband sounds like a giving man.

I hope he will take your feelings in account and/or at least ask you 

if there is a next time. 

What’s the saying?  

‘If mama ain’t happy, no one’s happy.’


Clearly this incident is upsetting you.

Honestly?  I wouldn’t waste my energy on a total stranger.

Get the place back to your normal, learn from this, maybe change

a few things, forget about this & move on. Can’t let it fester.


Another the RV secure?

Meaning, is there a chance keys were made & they could

break in when you’re not there?  I worry about your safety,

especially if there’s a grudge on their side. 💛

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Re: Just venting..not a happy camper

When we get put into situations like that we use each other as the excuse for saying no!



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Re: Just venting..not a happy camper

Wow.....peope are unreal.  I wonder if her DH knows she spoke to you in that manner.....and I also wonder what this will do to the relationship between the men....I already know how you feel about her, ha!

Sorry this happened, I hate it when this stuff happens.

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Re: Just venting..not a happy camper

@sidsmom  I never thought about the secure part.  The RV is located in a gated secure campground.  You need to either have a keycard or a security code to get in.  Plus, you need to have a hang tag on your car.  Security is pretty tight there.


My DH got home a few minutes ago.  He was upset to hear what happened.  He really likes the fellow and had no idea his wife would be so bold or crazy with a phone call to me.


He did not invite them back for a next time.  He just wanted them to " try it" to see if they would like to purchase and stay at the same place.  


This was the the first time anyone has every been there without us...and it will be the last time too.


I am not too upset...I was mad on the phone, but when I hung up...I laughed.  The whole thing is nutty...all of this over a bag of salad mix.  Oh, it was "Caesar salad with the dressing, cheese and croutons" to quote the wife





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Re: Just venting..not a happy camper

@Carmie  I think you handled this situation really well...your husband sounds like a good man and has a good heart like my hubby...thank goodness for the wives behind the scene.  SN: this lady would have been an exception as I would have mailed that salad back to her via US mail!

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Re: Just venting..not a happy camper

@Carmie, my mouth literally dropped open as I read your post. All I can say is OMG.


That woman is stark raving nuts!

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Re: Just venting..not a happy camper

Oh my! I’m still trying to get my jaw off the floor. I would be livid. 

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Re: Just venting..not a happy camper

@Carmie wrote:

Long story...sorry.


As I have mentioned on here many times, we have a large RV permanently on land by a Lake.  We spend most of our summers there.


A few times we have invited guests to join us and my children with their family will go there with or without us.  We have never allowed anyone, except our children to use the place when we weren't there.


Two weeks ago, my DH informed me that someone he is friends with ( from work.) asked to use the RV.  He was put on the spot and was hoping this guy would like our place and get an RV of his own and put it at the Lake too so they could pal around together.


We were scheduled to be there the week before last, and I wasn't thrilled about it, but by that time, I had no choice. So, we stayed home and this couple went.


On Sunday night a week ago, this couple knocked on our door.  I have never met them before.  They had a laundry basket with dirty bed, kitchen and bath linens and beach towels. They dropped them off for me to wash and return the next time we went to the lake. The linens are mine.


I was surprised.  I would have laundered them first before I dropped them off, but figured they had no manners. Also, a sweatshirt that belong to my hubby was clearly worn by one of them was in the laundry basket too.


In with the dirty laundry were the shams to the master bed.  I asked the wife why she brought them to me.  She said her DH slept on them and they were now dirty.


I felt myself getting hot.  Those shams get dry cleaned.  Why didn't he remove them or use the other pillows on the bed that had clean pillow cases on them?


This past Saturday, we drove to the lake to return the linens and cut the grass and check on things.  The place looked okay....not as clean as I leave it and the beds were not made.  I always put clean linens on the bed before I leave so the next time we go, everything is fresh and clean and ready to be used.  So we made the beds and straightened up.  I made dinner before we drove home.


I noticed that food was missing from my freezer.  I have a small chest freezer and also a full size refrigerator in our shed.  A few weeks ago, we purchased six very expensive steaks because we were planning on having some friends join us for dinner.  Instead, we went out to a restaurant, so I froze the steaks.  Three of them were gone and some chicken was missing too.  I was okay with that.  I am sure they used food from the cupboards too.


Well, fast forward to 15 minutes ago.  I got a call from the wife who said she left a bag of  salad mix in the refrigerator in the veggie drawer.  She asked if I saw it.  I did not.


So, she told me that it is there and we should go ahead and eat it.  She said my DH could pay her DH for it the next time they saw each other. What?!  


I told her we do not eat prepackaged salad mix  and I was not going to pay for it.  This salad mix has been in the fridge a whole week now and we won't be back until this weekend.


So, out of the blue,  she got an attitude and raised her voice at me.  I just listened and said nothing....until she said, "next year, I will make sure to get everything out when we leave because you are a thief"


 I calmly said, you are not invited to come back next year and hung up the phone.


I am in shock.  They got a free weeks vacation with free groceries included as well as laundry service and they want us to pay for a salad mix?


I should send them the drying cleaning bill.


I can't wait to tell my DH about the call. He won't be inviting anyone to our place again...ever.




 This is WHY we don’t rent our cabin out or allow anyone to stay there.   We also don’t let some family members stay either because they wouldn’t respect the property. 






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Re: Just venting..not a happy camper

I wonder if her husband has any idea she actually stole your food?  Your husband might be surprised what his friend is capable of doing


A least they aren't your neighbors. I would never want to stay at anyone's home. I am strictly a motel type person. However ,if I had, I would make darn sure ,everything was clean, and ship shape, when I left ,and I would have sent you flowers, and a guest certificate ,to a nice restaurant


She sounds dreadful




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Re: Just venting..not a happy camper

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I would put together a invoice..itemized for lodging, water use, food, linens, electric ect and of course deduct the week old salad from the invoice and send it to her.  maybe then she'll figure it out???