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Just had an idea flash to add to my list of "to do when..."

I want to go have a Bob Evans breakfast.  For some reason, I think of past vacation trips we've taken.  I think where we're at today is responsible for that thinking.  Disney, wish we could walk like we did when younger, so I'm so grateful for all the times we were able to go to Disneyland.  


You been having any random thoughts along this line?

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Re: Just had an idea flash to add to my list of "to do when..."

Good morning, Quality. I'm watching my fave show -- Sunday Morning with Willie Geist and checking emails and QVC blog. It's already 50 degrees at 7:29 AM. Good days make me think about the things I'd like to do, even if strolling inside the library or picking up a few items at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Spending more time in the kitchen I noticed I need to replace some old items. 


We'll miss a trip to Ireland in May -- but not complaining. We'll combine Ireland with a trip to Scotland next year. Trying to stay positive. Planning trips in my head, for sure. Scenic coastal drive from Boston to Acadia National Park, flying to Newark to visit my daughter to see her new surroundings since her transfer, going back to North Carolina to visit grandparents' towns and drive through the mountains we love, visit The Clearing Folk School in Door County, WI. We have a family reunion planned in Breckenridge, Colorado summer 2021. We'll spend a month in Seagrove Beach, FL February 2021. I can't travel, but I can work on plans for future trips. 


Stay sane and healthy! And Happy Future Travels!


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Re: Just had an idea flash to add to my list of "to do when..."

Yes - I’ve been daydreaming about family trips that we take every summer and how much fun we all have together.  We had a Disney World trip planned for June but that obviously is off the table for this year.   Maybe next year.