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Jill is on with David Dangle and I have to say I really like the "blonde" hair. It is really flattering on her. The longer length is great too. When someone wears their hair the same way for a long time, I tend to notice when it changes.

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I like the longer length, but I'm not a fan of her blonde highlights.

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I have always thought that Jill was as cute as a button.

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I really like the lighter highlights and, also, her hair being worn a bit longer.  Very flattering look for her. 

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I really, really dislike blond streaks on dark brown hair.  They don't do a thing for anyone, especially Shawn.

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I didn't even notice the blonde in Jill's hair, but I think her hair and makeup always looks great.

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I think the more caramel/auburn-ish highlights she used to have were more flattering

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Jill really has a beautiful face ~ even close up she looks gorgeous.

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Jill is lovely. I adore her new hair color and the legnth is very soft around her face.

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I wonder if she's growing it longer so she can changes styles. I'm not a fan of this current look, it looks like "in-between-growing-out" stage to me. Also prefer the darker color.  Oh well, i'ts not my hair.