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Jason Wu.... what a nice guy. He's so appreciative of his presence on QVC and is all about his customers. So kind and humble.  Love him!  

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Totally agree!

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 Agree on the positives, he's such a gem . Would really like to see a  print dress  that is a faux wrap midi length  offered in 48 inch length .  I am looking for a short sleeve dress or sheer fabric long sleeve  but do not want a short dress . classic shirt style  or faux wrap midi length.

So far the floral print tops and outfits have been beautiful  , however I'm not into a no bra halter top,  the TSV was a classic beach dress and the  matching skirt set of his had a short top and was not long enough for me. For him being new on the Q , the Hosts should guide the  conversation to allow him to discuss  his design and not so much telling us all what occassions  we can  wear an outfit . I hope that he adds more linen blend pieces - skirts , tops , slacks that are a bite more tailored .

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Agree, and he genuinely seems to enjoy participating on other shows like The Szish List.  And he compliments, and acknowledges the contributions of real designers that came before him (Dennis Basso) and is extremely gracious without any outward arrogance.  I think he is a great addition and his products are very good quality, I bought two sweaters last winter and they are beautiful.  His line is fresh and current without being outdated in a couple years.