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People! Read the reviews before buying these! More one-star reviews than five star reviews! I had to return mine - junk and QVC marks them down and talks them up! They are awful!!
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Wow there really are awful reviews.  Seems a lot of them stopped working or needed charging extremely often.


Thank goodness I am one of the lucky ones!!  However, I purchased mine from Best Buy, not QVC.  I paid that $99 price.  I've had mine mine since May/Memorial Day weekend, and I use them at least 5 days a week!  I power walk with them, and my walk is exactly 40 minutes.  I charge them once a week, but not because they have ever died on me, but because I want to be proactive in keeping the battery strong on my walk.  

I LOVE mine, but again, I did not get them from QVC.

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Re: Jam Earbuds

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I have a pair that I bought from QVC. Around one year old and still working great. Use them approximately three hours a day, Monday thru Friday.


No complaints at all.