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Here's another of Bob's sons. This one is Jesse who is a filmmaker. Apparently Dylan has some pretty aggressive genes! LOL


B8744A17-68A5-427F-83DC-C6CDC3AF7A93.jpegAt the risk of being accused of sacrilege I think Jakob has a more appealing voice than his father. And perfection in a vocal means nothing to me as I am a huge Neil Young, Leon Russell, and John Prine fan! I've only ever purchased one Dylan album and that one would be Hurricane

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Re: Jakob Dylan

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@Pearley wrote:

Who is Jerry Blavat?

@Pearley He's an aging DJ from Philadelphia and has a bar at the Jersey shore...Jerry Blavat "The Geater with the Heater".  He does a lot of oldies and has a lot of engery for an 80 year old, and yes Jakob Dylan looks a lot like a younger version of him.

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I am Bob'  biggest fan,   I remember when Jakob was born.  I thought he wrote forever young for him.  He had many kids with first wife Sara I think  her name was.  This is just from memory.  I love Jakobs music.  He is very talented   When Wallflowers first necame popular and won a grammy, it came out he was Bob Dylans son.  Jakob hid it for a while.  I could have lookedat him once an knew he was Bob Dylans son.  He looks like him, and under thathat he had Bobs curly hair.   Unless he lost it lol   I doubt it, as his dad still has his.

Bob Dylan what a talent, what a man.