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Cut the tree on your side of the fence, don't worry about their rose bush covering THEIR window.  Not your concern, either is if the dogs go to the bathroom in the yard.


Now the barking.  I have been exactly where you are.  Lived in a place with a short fence and everytime we opened the door their shepherd would jump at the fence and try to get to us.  Yes, we stayed in most of the time.  The neighbor, of course, just laughed.  Fortunately, they did move.  But you should not have to live in fear and be forced to stay inside.  Talk to them.

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Dog poop stinks, and people are just lazy for not picking it up,  if i were the op, i would   talk to the neighbor first, if that did not bring on a change ,i would  either call the town,or  some one in charge.

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