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@dooBdoo wrote:


Lots of great info and advice here!😊

I probably should clarify what I was talking about, and maybe it wasn't what @catmama was referencing, so my apologies for any confusion.🙃

In general, there are 2 types of Facebook ads, related to this discussion at least. 


1  --  The traditional Facebook ads we've seen over the years typically show up in the newsfeed. 

I haven't seen those in years, probably because of my blocking extensions, and also the Brave browser does a great job blocking unwanted content. 

I hadn't thought about it 'til this thread, but I can't remember the last time I saw one of those ads in my newsfeed.


2  --  The other type -- the promotional posts I was referencing in this thread -- show up as individual replies on a person's page (or a public page). 

They are not in the general newsfeed.

They're added to the reply chain on someone's post or video so they're intermingled with other people's responses and they're unaffected by any ad blocking extensions.

Also, they don't require clicking on anything to see the repulsive images. 

They don't stand alone, they're comments on posts or videos, mixed in with legit comments,

and they're designed with the image at the top of their comment/reply so everyone sees them as they're reading along.


This is probably clear as mud🙃😜😉😉, so the next time I see one I'll get a screenshot (blurring out the icky image) as illustration.


Also, I want to echo the warnings about clicking on those posts or ads that aren't clearly associated with your truly trusted friends, groups, business accounts. 

Proceed with caution.

It's an invitation to trouble, to put it simply. 


In addition, it's always a good idea to clear all cookies/cache/website data after browsing Facebook to avoid surreptitious tracking or even data harvesting.

(After spending most of my life in IT support in the medical field, I clear all browser cookies/cache/website data for everything on my devices at least once a day.  They're not meant to be permanent storage, and the Security Officers at our hospitals and clinics have advised this for a very, very long time.)


Hope this makes sense!  As I said, I'll watch for the next example of this and post a screen shot to clarify. 

Have a lovely evening, everyone!  I hope you and yours are safe and warm!🤗


@dooBdoo - thanks for this clarification.  I generally use FB on my phone and hadn't thought about clearing the history on it.  Do this regularly on my ipad and Mac.  I have asked FB not to send me any additional articles from the sites.  Don't know if that will do any good.