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Re: Irma Nursing Home Casualties

Thanks to all who posted here.  I have appreciated your posts. 

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Re: Irma Nursing Home Casualties

@2blonde wrote:

@millieshops  Yes, and the response from Marp further substantiates the fact that this nursing home was way below standards and had serious issues for a long time.  You are probably correct in thinking this place was for those without family or friends to look out for them.


I just think people need to understand that these older and often infirm people are not just "throw aways."  They are real people just like you and me who deserve to leave this Earth with dignity and care.  Someday, God willing, we will all be old and possibly vulnerable like they are.  A society that doesn't care for it's vulnerable is a society that's doomed.  (I'll get of my soapbox now.)



@2blonde  ^This.

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Re: Irma Nursing Home Casualties

@jubilant,   I honestly do not remember anything about the nursing homes in Flordia but I remember the nursing home pictures with Harvey.  It made me sick to see those ladies sitting in water up to their waist.  That was really very sad to see and you wonder where their family members were or if they had any.  I blame the nursing home for not being prepared for an emergency.  The ladies in the nursing home should have been moved out long before Harvey arrived.  

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Re: Irma Nursing Home Casualties

@Marp   In respose to your answer that was thoroughly given, much. And, hopefully, you will not take personal offense at this unless you are an administrator of said institution.