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Re: Insta Privy !

When I was younger, my parents and I would go camping almost every year.


Some years we would pitch a tent, others we took a small Winnebago.



It was fun.


This was in the days before personal electronic devices of cell phones.



Would I go camping now?



I have to admit, not by my alone self.


I might take some risks, but there are some that I just won't take.




The Sky looks different when you have someone you love up there.
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Re: Insta Privy !

I did some camping when I was young but as an old lady now, I prefer a bathroom and a hot shower. However, I like the idea of having a little tent for privacy, especially if someone’s camping in primitive locations. This solves a problem that many campers have encountered, that need for privacy.


I do use a porta potty in my trailer when the need arises but I can just shut the dressing room door for privacy. And when you use the accompanying disposal bags, they fold into themselves and zip lock shut so it’s no problem taking it with you to throw away later.  

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Re: Insta Privy !

In this day and age with all the nuts around, I would not go camping unless I was in a recreational vehicle with sturdy locks on the doors!