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I have been a foster mom to two amazing male kittens for three months now (they are now 5 months old). I have taken them to adoption events a few times a month at Petsmart and Petco’s in the area and had several applications over that time for one of them, but not the other and I did not want to separate them.

Meanwhile, about a week after I got the kittens my mom was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. I rent an apartment about 10 minutes away from my parents but my lease is up in Feb and I was panicking about what to do next as far as move back home to help my dad take care of my mom more or rent somewhere else. And what would I do with the cats?—Couldn’t take them home to live at my parents since they have two dogs that would make dessert out of them L. Well I actually found a condo for sale about 5 minutes from my parents at a good price and both my parents have urged me to pursue it and have even offered to help me pay for it which is just amazing, plus then I’d be able to have the cats there and not worry about where they’d end up! The cats have been a comfort for me while going through this with my mom.

Here’s the hard part—yesterday I took them to an event and there was a lovely woman there that was looking for two male, older kitten/young adult cats! She fell in love with my two boys and put in an application for them. I am happy and devastated. I was ready to adopt them since no one seemed to want both and I have grown to love them so much and I know they love me. The important thing is that they’re loved and well cared for but I really want to keep them now. This lady seems great but my heart is completely broken on what to do.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.