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@Desertdi   Thanks for the warning but the smoke has been here a couple of weeks.  There have been times when it's so bad, I can't see 10,300ft Sandia Crest across the valley.  They've been warning people with respiratory problems to stay inside.  If the heat doesn't get you, the air will. 

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Probably not, with the exception if they were landing on roofs or the dry woods nearby. I worry when things are so dry in July and people shoot of illegal fireworks.

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@mspatmac wrote:

I would and I have.  

@mspatmac On the fourth of July?  Nah.  UNLESS it was very dry in the area and it was back in the day when all roofs were wood.  


Then, yes I might for rockets, but for roman candals or firecrackers?  Probably not. 

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As long as I knew for certain where they were coming from, you betcha I would call.  I wish the police would offer this in my city.

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Re: In Local News Today...

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I live in an area where there are a lot of illegal aerial fireworks set off.  I had a dog that was terrorized by the noise but even worse, an Afghan war vet neighbor that suffers from PTSD needed to be hospitalized because of the fireworks.


You bet I would not only report the violators, I'd do my best to video the activity to be used against them.

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In a California second!

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Absoulutely. I have done it before and would again.

They are illegal here. We are in a red flag situation and in a high fire area.

Re the smoke. The dyson air filter fan gizmo really works. It really helped us with the fires and smoke last year. We sent one to a friend at Santa Cruz last year and they were so relieved. I sent the tiny one to my son at Tahoe. He said even that one helped with their smoke.----No, I don't work for dyson, but those thingees really work.!