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Re: Important Warning about Instacart you should read.

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I only shop thourgh the Instacart app. then select my store.  I never had this problem.  I'm very satisfied with them.

same here ....I had one issue and it was resolved quickly, it was the shopper....I have been using insta cart for almost a year and no is great service for me

    I didn't know this was an option.  I've used it 3 times and the last 2 have been a nightmare.   I'll give it one more shot and use the app.   Thanks.

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Re: Important Warning about Instacart you should read.

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I know the Instacart Partnerships might be different for different locations and stores, but in my area you cant get to Instacart going to the grocery store website first maybe due to problems like the one you experienced  they blocked that path for our location........


Also in our area, there are several options for delivery:

Instacart or Shipt or Favor (Favor is the grocery stores limited delivery service) after you select your "delivery serivce ", from there it takes you directly to the delivery service's own website or APP to place your order ....


And another reason to use the App directly is they do make periodic updates and improvements too to make shopping easier..




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Re: Important Warning about Instacart you should read.

If you are going to used instacart, just go to instacart directly!  The app is there. Once you are in, you choose your store from the list supplied by instacart.  I've been with them since May of this year.  Never had any trouble.  For free delivery, buy your membership for a yearly $100.00.  Cheaper then the other option of $9.00 per month.  The others like Shipt is the same set up. You can use you can use your cell phone or your desktop. You can talk directly to your shopper as he/she shops by messaging.   I chose instacart over shipt because they offered a wider variety of stores.  Their customer service is pretty good.  You can phone them or email them if you have any issues.