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@aj1980   Right up there with .... "so I went NO Way and They went YA WAY.."

                 I REALLY don't like when someone uses AXE instead of ASK. 


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If I had to spend hours talking about sticks with cr@p lights (TSV), I would use a lot of filler words too!

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@San Antonio Gal wrote:

Ali Carr's voice reminds me of a valley girl.

Isaac's voice reminds me of a valley boy.

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The only expression that bothers me is the queston:  I don't know where she's at?   That sentence ending with at drives me up a wall. I don't say that.  I always say I don't know where she is.

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I will admit I sometimes catch myself saying, "I was like" or "she was like". I try not to do it because it does sound annoying to me when others say it, but sometimes it still slips out.

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I am guilty of saying “ like” way too often and I hate it! Still working on breaking the habit.