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I have been drugged all day!

I've had the head cold/sinus mess that is going around for several days and so has my husband. Yesterday I got some Alka Seltzer Cold Night formula liquid gels and also some for Day. This morning I took some of the night time ones because I was going to be home anyway and thought the antihistamine would help. I HAVE BEEN ASLEEP ALL DAY LONG. I took it at about 10:00 - it is now a little after 4:00 and I only woke up long enough to eat a bit at around 1:00. Couldn't keep my eyes open so I laid back down on the sofa and before I knew it I had been asleep over 2 hours. These things are supposed to be every 4 hours but I don't guess I'd be awake next week if I took more than one dose. Guess I've found my new cure for insomnia! LOL