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I really hate when someone screws up and I end up having to clean up the mess

Husband pays mortgage online every month. He paid it the other day and I look on our online banking and our 1 acct is minus a lot of money. We have 5 accts and use this one for bills. The mortgage company processed it 3 times!!!!!

I called bank and was told to leave it go that it will "fall off" tomorrow night. I asked if it would be wise for me to transfer money in there to prevent it from overdrafting in the meantime. She told me no because then it would get paid 3 times and would take longer because we would have to file a discrepincy. She said to wait until Friday, call back and they will adjust our over drafts--that way the money wont get released to the mortgage company.

I called mortgage company and she said she wanted us to talk to the online person to make sure something isnt wrong with the account online. I said great, but where's my money now. Well, she said to send over bank statements in meantime. I figured I'd do that if I can't get anywhere with bank tomorrow. Of course she said my husband must have done something to cause this. Dah, he's been paying it this way for 5 years!!!!

More aggravation for something that I have no control over. Good thing I checked today. It's always something.

Qvc has done that a few times to me. I've ordered something and they process it 5 times that causes money to be on "hold" for up to a week. In meantime I cannot use that money. Why can't people just pay attention to what the he11 they are doing?? I wish I could be so careless at my job and still get paid...not really I'm just venting.

Ok I'm done

thanks for listening