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Re: I bet buffet restaurants

I absolutely agree that buffets will become a thing of the past; at least until we work thru coronavirus.   


Self-serve options quickly disappeared with all things once the virus arrived.   When trucker daughter stops for coffee in truck stops, the coffee machines are behind the counter in the food section, and an attendant prepares her order in styrofoam cups, which she then pours into her travel mug.   

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Re: I bet buffet restaurants

@Shanus wrote:

Most restaurants will depend on plastic silverware, packets of condiments, disposable menus and gloved/masked waiters. That doesn't sound like a date night out to me. It sounds more like a Happy Meal. I'd rather eat home. 

I agree with you.  My husband and I had to celebrate our anniversary at home this year, but I think that was preferable to masked servers and tear open ketchup.  And how do you eat a steak or crab legs with plastic knives and forks anyway?  Smiley Frustrated


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Re: I bet buffet restaurants

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They do appear risky, but I don't know if they'll all close. I like to occasionally visit a Chinese buffet, but that's not happening for at least another year.

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Re: I bet buffet restaurants

@millieshops wrote:

@SharkEI bet even if I saw one open, I would not eat there.  Some things that made perfect sense to me at one time no longer do.

yeah, I'm afraid that's gonna spell the demise of the buffets as we know them now.


People touching the same handles of the spoons, ladles, etc. wouldn't appeal to me now at the present time.   


Gonna miss Furr's fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravies, spicy fish,  choc cake, brownies, pies, .   Looks like we women are heading back to the kitchen for homestyle cooking.  



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Re: I bet buffet restaurants

Unless they can convert over to a cafeteria-style setup, I don't think they will survive. At least with cafeterias, which have fallen out of favor over the years, the customer does not handle the food until they receive the tray at the end.

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Re: I bet buffet restaurants

We decided years ago that the buffet experience was no longer appealing to us. The piling up of food and the tendency to get your money's worth, a.k.a., stuff yourself was not a relaxing dining experience.                  

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Re: I bet buffet restaurants

@germanshepherdlove wrote:

@manny2 wrote:

I think going forward they will not be a help yourself, but rather have someone serving you. McDonald's eliminated self serve soda. The will have an employee doing that for you. 


Life will be different now. 

@manny2 which is how it should have always been done! I never liked touching the same serving spoon as 100's of other people.. Main reason why I stayed away from buffets but now may actually go to one.  

@germanshepherdlove I agree it's gross!

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Re: I bet buffet restaurants

I am praying 🙏 that our local Golden Corral can remain open. They have a lot of senior citizens and Veterans that depend on this place for one good meal each day. The servers go all out to help the handicapped and especially if someone is alone. I have seen so many servers provide bibs and cut up food for any one that needs extra help. Yes the buffet restaurant can be considered bad food , germs excetra but for so many they provide food, friendship and a much needed helping hand and a bright spot in a normally sad and lonely day. ❤️ Southern Bee

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Re: I bet buffet restaurants

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I can't even think of any buffet restaurants we've eaten in for many many years.  And that would be traveling with the kids on vacations.


I just don't think I'm going to be able to eat in a restaurant for a really long time.  And I have a very favorite restaurant that I have over $1300 in gift cards for ($600 of which was a snafu and not in our


I think my main concern is, not the social distancing/air flow, but someone who has Covid19 and is making my meal.


I just can't let someone else cook for me, I only trust myself at this point and the food I'm preparing.


I don't like when they're all smiles and gaspy bringing the appetizers or entrees--oohing and ahhing over the plate.  


I'm weird-- I know.  But it could save my life....