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Im not a returner so I dont know. How long are stores expected to honor sale prices? 




Not sure what you mean by "not a returner".  If something doesn't work out, you just keep it anyway?  

I give things away or donate if not broken. I literally can count on one hand how many times I've returned something in my 55 yrs.  Honest to God.  I was in retail for 10 years. I dont want to be a part of that process. 

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@Jordan2.  I'd contact corporate headquarters and I'd post my c experience on the Target Facebook page

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@Jordan2   How are you getting a gift the mail, by e-mail or in person?


I got an e-mail saying my e-mail gift card was attached, but there was nothing in the e-mail.  It was blank.


Best of luck, I hope you get your money back.


I find it strange that Target balls at  refund ina money with cash or credit your original CC, they only seem to issue gift cards if they can get away with it.


@Carmie I'm suppose to get it in an email in three business days. I have a reference number in case I don't receive it. 

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@Jordan2  @Carmie  A couple months ago, I had a Target order shipped to me that included 2 jars of peach preserves. The jars arrived broken and spilled inside the box. I went online to get credit and realized there was no way I could "return" the broken jars. I called Target customer service and not only did they credit me, but they also sent me a gift card via email. First they sent an email stating I'd receive a gift card, and then they sent the email with the gift card. I think @Jordan2  will likely receive her gift card.

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@Desert Lily  :they attempted to send me an e-mail gift card, but when I got it, it wasn't attached. Something went wrong. I have called them several times and they insist the e-gift card was attached. I even sent them a screen shot of the blank e-mail.


So, I am out of close to $9, which isn't going to break me.  I just gave up with them.  They should have returned my money back into my CC account and not issued a gift card.  I have never ordered anything on line before and paid for it, then was told it was out of stock and issued a gift card instead of having my money returned before. That is just bad business. 

They also had incorrect info on their website.  They offered curb side pick-up and it wasn't available at that store. I wouldn't have ordered if I would have known that.  I was not physically able to walk into their store and had to cancel the two items they did have in stock.


If the person who,sends her the e-mail knows what they are doing, she,will get her gift card.  I apparently had someone new or there was a glitch somewhere.





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That would irritate me too.


What I would have done, was purchased another one of the Logitechs at the sale price, then returned it with the receipt for the one purched last week. I know that there "could" be a difference in the receipt coding. (the item sku number should be identical, but there could be a difference on the receipts), so I would compare the old vs new and be prepared if it is questioned. 

@FlyersGirl  I've done that at least once or twice lol

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I'm the OP, just an update, I got my gift card this afternoon and have printed it out.