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Well good for you!



Happy Belated.

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Happy Birthday to you!  May you continue to have many more of God's blessings ahead!

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Congratulations on your milestone birthday!


I'll be there next spring.

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Congratulations!  Nice to know I'm not the only person who appreciates getting older.  My mother, father and sister didn't make it to 60 years old so when I turned 60 I celebrated!  I appreciate every year God gives me on this earth!


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Happy Birthday, you little Spring Chicken you!! (77 here)



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Happy, happy birthday, welcome ot Medicare!! My DH recently turned 65, and our waiteess recently thought he looked like he was 42!!!

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Thanks to all for the Happy Birthday wishes today, enjoyed reading  each one.  I had a great day, my son took me and his mother-in-law to lunch, her and I share the same birthday and we both turned 65 today. Isn't that a coincidence ?   

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Good for you! Happy Birthday!