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Happy Birthday. 

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@Goodie2shoes wrote:

I am 65 yrs old today by the grace and mercy of my heavenly father and I just want to thank him. I am truly blessed, feel great, in good health and  have all of my faculties.  I have clear skin, not one wrinkle (with a little help from Peter Thomas Roth). I have been told I could pass for 40 something. ( not sure about that but I will take it )  I will be returning to work in a couple of days (knee replacement in May and it's doing great)  I have no plans to retire soon. This is a beautiful day for me rain or shine !   I just had to share my gratitude.

Happy Birthday!

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@docsgirl wrote:

Congratulations!  May you continue to be blessed with good health and a joyous life.  I just turned 69 and am in good health, also, although I'm facing my 2nd knee replacement surgery.  I'm glad you are doing so well with yours.



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Goodie .... Happy Birthday and don't forget to ask for that senior discount.  Enjoy your special day from sunrise to sunset and beyond.



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Goodie, your post really made me smile today.  I can only hope to be as fortunate, healthy, happy and optimistic when I turn 65.  Thanks for sharing your positivity and grateful outlook.Woman Very Happy

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Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day.

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Happy Birthday Goodie2Shoes!

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Truly, God bless you Ms Goodie today and MANY more thereafter!!!  What a wonderful positive outlook you have for yourself.  My birthday wish for you is that you continue to take great care of yourself, that knee of your's become stronger every day, and I hope it carries you to places you never thought you could go.


He takes care of those who cares for herself as well as others.  Enjoy your very special day today to the fullest. 


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