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anyone in Laura’s path, please stay safe.  Thinking of you!  

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Absolutely!  Hope my namesake doesn't do too much damage and blows over soon and safely.  ❤️

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Stay safe everyone, sending prayers.

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My husband, daughters and I have all shared our names with very destructive hurricanes!

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 My grandson and his family are in Houston, I've texted him and he says they have food and should be okay. 
 The flooding worries me! I hope it doesn't get too close to them! 

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Prayers for safety and no destruction and flooding for those areas in the path of the hurricane! 

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Yes, and let's hope it stays a Cat 1/2 and quickly loses steam as it nears land.  Thank goodness Marco took a different path so that both storms will not hit the same landmass area as originally forecasted.  Nerve wracking time of year.

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Evacuees already arriving tonight.

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@RedTop Of all places too. My alma mater. 😕 I went through Andrew there in my dorm room and will never forget the experience. Hope my bayou friends come through well. ❤️
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I have 9 family members in the Houston area. None are leaving because they said the local authorities are saying there will not be a lot of rain and winds should be around 45mph. I pray they are right. My brother and sister in law were hit hard by Harvey 3 yrs ago.